Welcome To Green Bilimora

  • Plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free.

  • Don't make Trees rare, Keep them with care.

  • Take care of the trees, they will take care of you.

PM Modi Planting Tree

Everybody should plant more trees, save ecology: PM Modi

Welcome To Green Bilimora

Despite information from annual tree plantations (NGOs, government, forest department, some MNC, institutes and personal environment lovers  drives) are astonishing. We wonder if all reported figures are true(and there are really true), so then there wouldn’t  be an inch of earth to lay our feet!!!

But do we plant trees? NO. We have been planting herbs with additional expenses of tree guards. What happens is that 90 percent of herbs die, so we wonder what would be solution for a higher survival ratio?

So we introduced the concept of planting 10-year-old "ready to plant" trees throughout the city on both sides of the roads. This will increase trees ' survival rate about 90%. It will also save the cost of tree guard n protection of plantation for the first few years as trees are 15'+ high.

Fortunately we got Samir Farm n Nursery.

In this new ecological era, we have come to realize the true value of trees beyond providing paper and timber. This enthusiasm for a greener Bilimora has led us to collaborate with Samir Farm n Nursery, India’s leading garden centres for creation of nurseries, lush green gardens and green fields of 10-15 years within the period of 10 years. "Green Bilimora" inspires to take active participation in plantation of 1o year old ‘ready to plant’ trees.


Plant a tree

Plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free.

Don't make Trees rare

Don't make Trees rare, Keep them with care.

Take care of the trees

Take care of the trees, they will take care of you.

Trees on, Global warming gone

Trees on, Global warming gone!

Trees give good look

Trees give good look; don't destroy them from earth book.

Drip Irrigation Concept for Green Bilimora Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we all realize about the grave problem of the worldwide - Global Warming -the biggest danger to human survival in the very coming future. People would have all the conveniences to make life easier, but the real question is to survive where will be the oxygen and controlled temperature?

Today we are encountering a pressing problem that is rise in the Earth's temperature. Global warming is what causes this phenomenon. Global warming is the phenomenon of increase in air temperature near the Earth’s surface.

Global warming is a significant environmental risk. This phenomenon takes place when trees are removed and the harmful gas like carbon dioxide is released into the air. The warming of the climate system is unambiguous and scientists are confident that it is caused by rising proportions of greenhouse gasses generated by human actions such as deforestation and fossil fuel burning. Causing polluted environment leading to survival of mankind very very difficult and distressful.

Extreme weather difference occurrences describe this global warming, including the following: Severe Droughts, Reduce in Rainfall, Extreme Weather Events, Evaporation, Rising sea levels, Warming of Oceans, Loss of habitat and so on.

Solving the critical environmental issue of global warming is perhaps the greatest challenge of 21st century.

Our Recent Plantation

Some of the Tree - Plantation events We organized Recently

Our Recent Plantation
Our Recent Plantation
Our Recent Plantation
Our Recent Plantation
Our Recent Plantation

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Co-ordinator Committies




Co-ordination Committee

Some of the Members behind Green Bilimora Mission

Manishbhai S. Naik

Bilimora Nagarpalika

Ln. Dr. Vijay N. Desai

Co-ordination Committee

Ln. Shankarbhai B. Patel

Presiden Lions Club
Bilimora Yugma

Tejalben Joshi

Vice Presedent BNP, VP Navsari Dist. Mahila Morcha

Harishbhai Od


Yatinbhai Mistry


Suchetaben Dushane


Harishbhai Rana


Ln. Prof Gilitwala


Ln. Dr. Bharatbhai Desai


Ln. Prof. Piyushbhai Dharaiya

Project Chairman

Maganbhai Patel Makani

Environment Supporter

Maganbhai Tandel

Environment Worker

Dr. Neel Desai

Environment Worker

Mofisbhai Qureshi

Eminent Social Worker

Pragneshbhai Patel

President Bilimora BJP & Gandevi People’s Bank

Lion Mahendra Golwala

Trustee Jalaram Seva Trust, President Lions Club Bilimora

Maj. Dr. Bhavesh Devta

Eminent Social Worker

Ln. Gaurang Joshi

Eminent Social Worker

Ln. Kishor Soni

KN Diamonds

Ln. Prof. Minuben Desai

Environment Worker

Pranav Desai

Environment Worker

Hitesh Bhandari

President RSS Bilimora

Samirbhai Vashi

Advisor: Samir Farm & Nursery

Ln. C.A. Suhail Memon

C.A. to Project

Ln. Vinod Kelwani, Nidhi & Nilesh

Designer & Developer
Lions Club
Bilimora Nagarpalika
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