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Everybody should plant more trees, save ecology: PM Modi

As we all are aware of the global issue of Global Warming and environment pollution -- the biggest threat to the survival of mankind in very near future. The people will have all the facilities for an easy life but the biggest question is to remain alive where will be the oxygen and controlled tolerable temperature?

Global warming is a major hazard to our environment. It takes place when trees are eradicated and the carbon stored by them is released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. It also occurs when the proportion of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbon, and nitrous oxide increases in the atmosphere. Deforestation is one of the major causes of global warming as the forests and trees are eradicated for creating items like paper, furniture, and houses. Due to this a huge amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air which causes global warming. In addition, human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, mining, and farming also lead to global warming.

Reforestation of Mother Earth by Tree Plantation is the best solution to prevent global warming. Hence, Lions Club Bilimora (Yugma) has initiated a tree-plantation project with the help of advisors and experts which is termed as "Green Bilimora" with a dream to create greenery all over Bilimora. Samir Farms is globally famous as an expert in creating gardens, nurseries, and green fields of 10-15 years within a 10 days time. After getting associated with Samir Farm n Nursery, we decided to approach Bilimora Nagar Palika and officially applied for their approval for tree plantation. We interpreted "Green Bilimora" project preview to the president of Bilimora Nagarpalika, Shri. Manishbhai. S. Naik who graciously accepted and approved our project. Finally, after a series of meeting with the corporators M.O.U. was formulated and jointly decided to go ahead with the project as "Green Bilimora" project formulated by Lions Club Bilimora (Yugma), managed by Bilimora Nagarpalika and decided to expand the involvement of dedicated personalities in the project by forming "Green Bilimora co-ordination committee" in which 18 members are nominated. This project includes famous personalities and organization names, Dr. Vijay .N. Desai as a convener, Suhail Memon as Chartered Accountant for future financial management, providing guidance and for requesting the business sectors and valued donors, Samir Farm n Nursery as advisor and consultant along with Technoheaven Consultancy as Media pro. & creativity for going global.

The first set of the plantation was done on 29/7/2018 and the first donation was declared by Jalaram Manav Seva Trust Rs 25,000/-. And then Bilimora Vibhag Kelavani Mandal, Gandevi Peoples Bank came forward and Lions Club of Bilimora (Yugma) donated first amount Rs. 1,15,000/- major being in Vinod Kelwani Rs. 30,000/-.

We are supported majorly by Bilimora Nagar Palika as our management partners are readily available for helping us. We attained a major breakthrough when Shri Manishbhai. S. Naik, president of Bilimora Nagarpalika persuaded the collector and minister respectively, Kumarbhai Kanani who is visiting Bilimora for Central Flag Salutation and Independence Day Celebration at Bilimora Vibhag Kelavani Mandal, for officially launching Tree Plantation drive "Green Bilimora" project and clicking and by so inaugurating website greenbilimora.com and made it a global event.

By covering whole Bilimora, we the "Green Bilimora Coordination Committee" wish to provide a healthy and clean environment to the future generation of Bilimora and surrounding those who will visit Bilimora. Most importantly we wish to become role model to many environments loving social workers to follow the line and create more & more such green city in real all over Gujarat, India and maybe worldwide.

Let us conclude with a slogan: "Let us Serve Today For Better Tomorrow"

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